Sherea Dixon is a Branson Centre entrepreneur from Jamaica, who over the last few years has channelled her passion for travel into one of the Caribbean’s most thriving tour companies.

Sheresa has long been mesmerised by the infectious spirit of Jamaica, and to celebrate this spirit she created a travel experience allowing customers to see hidden pockets of Jamaican culture, as well as the breath-taking landscapes that the country is famous for.

Today we’re sharing the story behind Sherea’s business success, her lessons learnt with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean, and what makes her so happy about showing off Jamaica to the rest of the world.

Tell us about your business, Eventuality Tours

Eventuality Tours is a culture-oriented tour company. We take our customers face to face with Jamaican people, food, and community and allow them to be interactive with the culture. Eventuality Tours started as a result of my experience on internship in the US. Some of my customers requested an intimate feel of Jamaica – they wanted to stay with me while I showed them around. Many of them wanted to immerse themselves in Jamaica and mingle with the locals in a secure environment. Eventuality Tours was then born in 2014.

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Where did your passion for business stem from and how did you first get into the tourism sector? 

I am a Jamaican woman – born and raised here, and living here for 29 years. This makes me a specialist when it comes to showing the world an authentic Jamaican experience. I’ve completed my Bsc. in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I majored in Meetings and Special Events Management and minored in Marketing. I am also certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board and have worked in customer service environment for over nine years.

The mentorship program pointed me in the right direction – teaching me key aspects of business that I needed to know to develop. 

Tell us about your journey with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. 

I started with the Branson Centre in 2015. I wanted to be better in business and learn how to grow. Being part of the mentorship programmed has really helped me. The mentorship program pointed me in the right direction – teaching me key aspects of business that I needed to know to develop. 

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Is giving back to the wider community and the surrounding environment a big part of your business model? 

Absolutely. My business benefits the wider community by supporting the local vendors. We encourage our guests to support vendors while on tour. Our tours are also geared towards a culture stop at a local vendor who sells Jamaican fruits of treats.

What is the most important thing that running a business has taught you? 

Business has taught me that it takes blood sweat and tears. You have to fight for what you want – even on the days when you don’t feel like it. Crawl if you have to, but never quit.

How important is personal happiness when it comes to running your own business? 

Personal happiness is vital to a healthy and successful business. In the beginning you are the backbone of the business and if you fall apart the business will too. Stay happy and stay motivated – as your business is an extension of you. I love meeting new people across the world and experiencing their culture by interacting with them. It gives me a deeper understanding as to what makes them unique as people. I find pleasure in having the ability to put a smile on a persons face and being able to entertain them. 

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What advice do you give to people interested in becoming entrepreneurs? 

I say go for it! Be an entrepreneur! Just make sure its doing something you love. It will take a lot of commitment, frustration and hard work, but when the teething pain is over, happiness is on the other side.

What does the pursuit of happiness mean to you as an entrepreneur?  

The pursuit of happiness means many things for me. It means building my business to its highest level as well as influencing young girls and helping them build their own dreams. I work hard and I want to know that this work is making a difference in other people’s lives.

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