LinkedIn name Virgin as one of the UK’s top places to work

The LinkedIn Top Companies 2017 list has been revealed, with Virgin featuring high on the collection of the best places to work throughout Great Britain...

"I’ve always believed that by taking care of people in my companies, the rest will take care of itself," explains Richard Branson. Creating the right company culture is something that the Virgin Group founder takes very seriously, with his approach to employment often being viewed as unconventional by some.

However it’s paying dividends, with Virgin sitting in seventh spot on LinkedIn’s highly regarded list, ahead of the likes of Facebook, Google and the BBC. Heading up this year’s list is John Lewis, closely followed by Asos and Arcadia Group, with the brands coming out on top after a rigorous selection process.


"The Top Companies list is based on the billions of actions taken by LinkedIn's 500+ million members. Our data team, working with our global editorial team, analysed those actions to come up with a blended score ranking the winners in each country,” explains Senior Managing editor, Isabelle Roughol.

"Our methodology takes into consideration three main pillars to uncover the companies our members are most interested in now: job applications, both views and applies on postings; engagement, with employees as well as with the company directly; and retention, how many employees are sticking around for a year or longer."

According to LinkedIn, there were a number of fun perks across the Virgin businesses, as well as quirky workplace details, that set the brand apart from many others.

"Virgin Active employees get two free gym memberships. At Virgin Management, they get flexible hours, unlimited time off, and 52 weeks parental leave. And at Virgin Hotels, new employees get… a free night’s stay for Valentine’s Day.

"The Virgin Atlantic headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex, are home to three rigs for cabin crew training. They are so realistic they’ve been hired out for aeroplane scenes in films like Casino Royale. Richard Branson also has a cameo in that movie, shown being frisked at the Miami airport."


While job perks and fun office design can help to boost morale, Richard Branson has for some time focused on the aspects of employment which he believes ultimately dictate levels of job satisfaction. As he recently explained, leaders across the Virgin Group must all share one crucial quality.

"One of the most common questions I am asked is: "What do you look for in leaders at Virgin?" To many the answer might seem rather simple, but it’s a trait that so many people overlook. Qualities such as talent and drive are of course important, but what we value most in leaders is the ability to show a genuine interest and duty of care for their teams."

To find out more about life inside Virgin, as well as to view the latest jobs on offer, take a look at our careers section.


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